Inlays and Onlays


alternative to full-coverage dental crowns

Learn About Inlays and Onlays In Irving, Texas

Dentists can use inlays and onlays as a less extensive alternative to full-coverage dental crowns. These treatments repair decayed portions of a tooth by preparing and shaping dental material to fill in the damaged areas. When the damage is too large for a simple filling to effectively repair, we use inlays. A filling would not be able to provide enough support for the tooth to withstand the forces of biting and chewing, which could result in further damage or breakage.

The cusps are the raised points that surround each tooth. We place inlays within these cusps to repair damage that only affects the central part of the teeth within their grooved borders. On the other hand, onlays are placed within the cusps as well as over at least one of those points, which allows them to repair a larger portion of the tooth’s surface than inlays.


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Why Choose Us?


We use both inlays and onlays to restore the appearance and strength of teeth damaged by tooth decay, larger cavities, excessive wear, or other trauma. However, extensive damage or decay to several cusps may necessitate a full-coverage dental crown. Your dentist will help determine the best course of action for your specific case.

Inlays And Onlays: Conservative Dentistry At Its Finest

After the inlay or onlay is securely bonded or fixed to the natural tooth structure, the treated tooth will appear and function just like the surrounding teeth. By conserving more of the natural tooth structure, the tooth requires less alteration, resulting in a more natural appearance. You can use your repaired teeth just like your unaltered natural teeth, including chewing efficiently. After restoring your tooth to health, it is important to care for it like any other tooth, with proper oral care and routine visits to Cottonwood Dental. We are excited to meet you and your family. Call (972) 216-1166 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patel.

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